Seasonal Smarts Digest

The Farmers Seasonal Smarts Digest is released to help provide drivers and homeowners with knowledgeable, straightforward and proactive tips to help mitigate potentially dangerous and costly insurance losses. The digest examines Farmers Insurance's historical claims database to identify seasonal perils.


Seasonal Smarts Digest: Fall Animal Accidents

States with Highest Roadway Animal Accidents

Avoiding Deer on the Road

Seasonal Smarts Digest: First-time Homeownership

Learn more: Learn about Liability

Learn more: Keep a roof over your head

2019 Summer Seasonal Smarts

2019 Summer At Home

2019 Summer On The Road

2019 Spring Seasonal Smarts

2019 Spring At Home

2019 Spring On The Road


2018 Fall Seasonal Smarts

2018 Fall On The Road

2018 Summer Seasonal Smarts

2018 Summer At Home

2018 Summer On The Road

2018 Valentine's Day

2018 Love Hazards

2018 Spring Seasonal Smarts

2018 Spring At Home

2018 Spring On The Road



2016 Winter Seasonal Smarts

2016 Winter At Home

2016 Winter On The Road

2016 Fall Seasonal Smarts

2016 Fall At Home

2016 Fall On The Road

2016 Summer Seasonal Smarts

2016 Summer At Home

2016 Summer On The Road

2016 Spring Seasonal Smarts

2016 Spring At Home

2016 Spring On The Road


2015 Winter Seasonal Smarts

2015 Winter At Home

2015 Winter On The Road

2015 Fall Seasonal Smarts

2015 Fall At Home

2015 Fall On The Road

2015 Summer Seasonal Smarts

2015 Summer At Home

2015 Summer On The Road

2015 Spring Seasonal Smarts

2015 Spring At Home

2015 Spring On The Road



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