Farmers Announces Commitment of Resources in New Jersey
Expansion of Farmers Cares Initiative Provides Resources, Experience and Expertise to Help Local Communities to the Recovery Finish Line.

SEA BRIGHT, N.J. (June 3, 2014) -  Farmers Insurance announced today a significant commitment of resources, experience and expertise to communities in New Jersey, including Sea Bright, Highlands, Rumson and Monmouth Beach, to help recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy that still remain 18 months later. The arrival of the first round of roughly 20 Farmers employee volunteers today in Sea Bright is an expansion of the company’s long-term initiative, Farmers Cares, and will see the allotment of over 200 volunteers and financial assistance over the course of 2014.

Farmers will provide Sea Bright and surrounding communities with assets, knowledge and volunteers to expedite the amount of time it will take to get these communities back on their feet. The team will pull from its knowledge base gained as a result of the first Farmers Cares initiative in Joplin, Mo., to help efficiently rebuild these communities on the Jersey shore. Farmers and the St. Bernard Project documented the process, developed key learnings and best practices, compiling it all into a Disaster Recovery Playbook. This recovery playbook is a compilation of the overall best practices utilized and improved following several disasters, including Joplin, offering insight into the best practices every community should take after a disaster. Sea Bright is the second community Farmers will adopt and the first since the launch of the playbook last month, as an open and free resource for all municipalities.

Over the course of the year, Farmers has sent roughly 230 of its employee volunteers to Joplin, donated more than 10,000 hours to help rebuild over 30 homes and additional projects. While original outside estimates from respected organizations like FEMA called for a full recovery time of seven years, nearly all of the homes in Joplin will be rebuilt by the end of 2014, roughly three and a half years ahead of schedule.

“Farmers has demonstrated its long-standing dedication to revitalize and restore communities beyond the moment of disaster and help residents return home,” said Chuck Browning, Head of Sponsorships and Corporate Giving, Farmers Insurance. “We are proud and excited to bring our resources and knowledge to the communities of New Jersey, as well as utilize our Disaster Recovery Playbook to help these communities get back on their feet.”

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Jersey shore destroying over 346,000 homes in New Jersey and causing approximately $37 billion in damage. Farmers Insurance played a pivotal role in the hours after the storm hit, setting up locations across the region to help assist customers and provide relief. Though much progress has been made over the years, there is still work to be done in the community of Sea Bright and other cities in New Jersey.

Farmers identified the remaining needs in Sea Bright through the company’s existing relationship with the St. Bernard Project, which is partnering with local extension organization, Sea Bright Rising, a local nonprofit focused on the recovery efforts in Sea Bright and surrounding communities. Farmers today also donated $50,000 to aid with the organization’s ongoing efforts to help the communities of the Jersey shore affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“Farmers has a history of being the first on scene to help in the immediate aftermath of disaster,” said Chad Carson, Director of Sea Bright Rising. “Eighteen months later, we’re excited to work with Farmers in an effort to rebuild the community of Sea Bright and others like it on the Jersey shore. Through Farmers experience in working with communities after natural disasters, coupled with its financial commitment and volunteers, they’re providing momentum to help us to attain our goals.”

 Learn more about Farmers Cares and to learn how you can help rebuild Sea Bright.

About Sea Bright Rising
Sea Bright Rising is a non-profit organization devoted to the relief of the needy and/or displaced and the general recovery of the town of Sea Bright, New Jersey as a result of the devastation created by Hurricane Sandy in the Fall of 2012. Sea Bright Rising has partnered with St. Bernard Project, a national disaster recovery nonprofit organization. This partnership has transitioned Sea Bright Rising’s focus to the long-term recovery of the community and its residents post-sandy through a residential rebuilding program.



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