Farmers Insurance Deploys RightSignature for Electronic Signatures, Expanding eZsign to 16 States and Its Entire Claims Processes
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Farmers Insurance Claims introduces eZsign, a new initiative enabling customers to settle claims using electronic signatures. Since its initial launch, Farmers has expanded its use of the eZsign to 16 states including Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri, and California.


Using eZsign, Farmers has been able to greatly reduce the cycle time of loss settlement for its customers. eZsign replaces the current system, where the insured receives an overnight package containing the traditional paper documents, executes them, and sends them back via overnight shipping. Farmers now provides customers the option to receive document links via email, sign online, and submit them instantly to expedite payment.

After an extensive analysis of the electronic signature market, Farmers chose RightSignature as the exclusive technology solution for its eZsign initiative. RightSignature is well-known for its ease-of-use, signing experience, and online handwritten signature capture. Documents signed on RightSignature look almost identical to pen-and-paper documents, complete with handwritten signatures.

Initially launched in December 2009 with 3 states and quickly adopted by another 13 states, this initiative made Farmers Insurance the first property and casualty insurance claims operation to provide an electronic signature service to its customers. "In the near future, we look forward to extending the service of eZsign to our customers beyond the current 16 states. Our customers are very pleased with the fast, secure and convenient method of settling claims and securing signatures with this innovative product," explains Bryan Murphy, Farmers Insurance Executive Vice President and Chief Claims Officer.

"We're always looking for new technologies to improve the customer experience. eZsign, powered by RightSignature, is just another example of Farmers' commitment to innovation and keeps Farmers on the cutting edge in providing customers the best and most convenient claims experience possible," says Murphy. "Farmers is the first in the insurance claims industry to accomplish this for its customers. Our customers don't need any special hardware or software to install. An additional benefit of eZsign is that you can also sign your documents on the iPhone if you are busy and on the go," added Odom Wu, Director of Farmers Strategic Initiatives.

Also important to Farmers is their continuing efforts to go green. "eZsign substantially reduces the company's carbon footprint by cutting the use of paper and ink toner, and reduces the use of overnight shipping and packaging. Where there are signatures required to conduct business with Farmers, customers will have the option of eZsign," explains Odom Wu.

"Farmers is well-known for innovation in the insurance industry, and we are delighted to work closely with the Farmers leadership to implement RightSignature. Fulfilling the high-volume, business-critical signature requirements of an enterprise of this caliber demonstrates RightSignature's unrivaled usability, scalability, and security," says Daryl Bernstein, CEO of RightSignature LLC, "This project, which we believe to be the largest web-based electronic signature deployment ever, will empower Farmers to provide exceptional customer service, dramatically reduce cycle times, cut costs, and satisfy stringent legal and compliance requirements."

"This is just more proof of our direction as a company. We realize that speed, convenience, and security are what our customers require, and now technology has caught up to deliver on those needs. This is a win-win situation," stated Murphy. "Our customers win with speed and convenience, we win with lower costs which enable us to provide customers with more competitive rates."

Farmers Insurance Total Loss Specialist Matt Lynch got to experience the new system first hand when he settled a claim with Randy Amberman. Lynch had recognized that he could provide the customer an alternative to the traditional paper packet, with the newly launched eZsign process. He explained that he could email Mr. Amberman a document link, and that he could sign and submit it electronically so payment could be issued right away. From the date of loss to the date of settlement, the entire process took less than 72 hours. The process was fast, secure and provided the peace of mind of any traditional packet of settlement documents.

Mr. Amberman agreed, "The technology was awesome. Matt told me what to expect when I received the email, so I knew exactly what to do." The documents were signed, and within 20 minutes a check was issued to Mr. Amberman. "For my own records, it was really easy to print the documents as well," continued Mr. Amberman, "We appreciate Farmers and the customer service. I'm very happy with how we were treated."

Farmers Total Lose Specialist Lynch could not agree more, "eZsign is much faster than having a paper form signed, notarized, and sent back in overnight mail. The electronic signature capability gives us a veritable no-limit approach to customer satisfaction."

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