Farmers Insurance Has Introduced A New Electronic Signature System to Quickly Expedite Total Loss Settlements

Farmers Insurance Group of Companies® has introduced eZsign, a new claims settlement option for their customers with total loss claims. It is currently approved in the states of Washington, Oklahoma, and Illinois. Farmers is anxiously awaiting approval in all other states.


"Previously a customer who had reached settlement would have to wait for documents to arrive in the mail, and then sign and return those documents for payment to be issued," stated Odom Wu, Director of Farmers Strategic Initiatives. "Now Farmers, with the agreement of the Washington, Oklahoma, and Illinois Departments of Motor Vehicles, can give customers the option to receive the documents via email, sign them online using their mouse, and return them instantly to expedite payment. This initiative is consistent with Farmers' commitment to innovation, and keeps Farmers on the cutting edge in providing customers the best claims experience possible. Farmers is the first in the insurance claims industry to accomplish this for its customers," Wu continued.

Wu explained that the new process will replace the current system where the insured receives an overnight package, endorses the documents and sends them back by a return overnight package. "The usual turnaround time can be greater than a week," Wu said.

In addition to providing quick, secured, and convenient service to our customers, from an environmental standpoint, Wu explained, "eZsign substantially reduces the company's carbon footprint by cutting the use of paper and ink toner, and reduces the use of overnight postage and packaging. As we gain approval from individual states to deliver signed documents to them electronically, we'll move the entire process to a paperless system, making it even greener than it is today."

"This is a win-win situation," stated Bryan Murphy, Farmers Insurance Executive Vice President and Chief Claims Officer. "This is the future. The customer wins with speed, convenience and lower cost. The company wins with more rate competitiveness. Farmers is ready to implement eZsign in all states as soon as the states understand customer wants and understand the benefits that come with the metadata of an electronic signature."

Farmers Insurance agent Karen Ohnhaus got to experience the new system first hand. Trasen Akers, adjuster for Farmers Insurance in Washington had settled a claim with John McGee. He had sent a traditional packet of settlement documents for Mr. McGee to sign and return. Mr. McGee had reviewed the documents but was not quite clear on what to do. He had printed the packet of documents and brought them to his agent's office. Karen Ohnhaus in the agent's office, called adjuster Trasen Akers for help. Mr. Akers quickly recognized that he could provide the customer a new alternative with the newly launched eZsign process. He explained to Karen that he could email the document for Mr. McGee to sign and that he could sign and return it electronically so payment could be issued right away.

Mr. McGee completely agreed, "The electronic signature process went very smoothly. The webpage loads quickly, is easy to navigate to, and the whole signature process is quite simple," he said. "It was much speedier than having a form signed, notarized, and sent back in overnight mail." Farmers adjuster Akers could not agree more and added, "the electronic signature capability gives us a veritable no limit approach to customer satisfaction."

Farmers is a trade name and may refer to Farmers Group, Inc. or the Farmers Exchanges, as the case may be. Farmers Group, Inc., a management and holding company, along with its subsidiaries, is wholly owned by the Zurich Financial Services Group. The Farmers Exchanges are three reciprocal insurers (Farmers Insurance Exchange, Fire Insurance Exchange and Truck Insurance Exchange), including their subsidiaries and affiliates, owned by their policyholders, and managed by Farmers Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries. For more information about Farmers, visit our Web site at

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